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An electric boiler key to your successful and affordable energy mix?

electric boiler

Extreme fluctuations in electricity prices are expected in the coming years, with prices for usage changing throughout the day and over the course of the year. The energy imbalance is boosting the demand for electric boilers in greenhouse horticulture. Bosman van Zaal has also noticed a sharp increase in the demand for electric boilers in recent months. In the last month alone, 10 e-boilers have been sold. And Bosman van Zaal also installed an electric boiler at their own head office, which was built in 2018. The company is completely gas-free.

Surplus electricity and energy storage

The rapid increase in the solar and wind power-generating capacity in North West Europe will lead to a greater energy imbalance. These fluctuations mean that electricity rates may be very expensive in one particular hour, and then cheap or even free at other times of the day. In many nurseries, the combined heat and power (CHP) system formed the heart of the energy mix (use the generated power or supply it back to the grid, and lighting). Additional heating was supplied by a gas boiler when the capacity of the CHP was insufficient. With the current gas prices, however, using gas heating without being able to feed power back into the grid is no longer a viable option.

Electric boiler an extra weapon in the battle against high energy costs

However, the electricity imbalance combined with an electric boiler offers modern greenhouse horticulture an extra weapon in the battle against high energy costs. For decades, greenhouse horticulture has proven to be effective in coping with energy-related peaks and troughs.

Cheap, free or even negative prices for electricity used to generate and buffer energy can substantially contribute to reducing the costs of energy.

More than 15 years of experience with electric boilers

With Bosman van Zaal, we have more than 15 years of experience in integrating electric boilers into the energy mix of companies. CMW Horticulture can facilitate calculation, installation and connection and energy management. Send us an email at enquiries@cmwhorticulture.co.uk or download the brochures below for more information!

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