CMW appointed as Elpress UK partner for Horticulture

UK Growers have never been more aware of the need for strict hygiene protocols for staff, tools and equipment.

Increasingly growers are looking for new ways to establish and improve hygiene systems, because if a crop becomes infected by a virus, the crop usually has to be destroyed, therefore disease prevention through meticulous hygiene procedures is critical. A vital function that is often missing is the ability to automatically prevent staff bypassing the necessary hygiene procedures when entering the greenhouse or packhouse.

Following a partnership agreement between Elpress and CMW, UK growers can now install personal hygiene systems which are certified by HACCP International (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

Elpress’ innovative systems ensure that all stages of the hygiene protocols are followed by each individual in the correct order and for the required time before they can enter the greenhouse or packhouse. This includes hand washing, hand drying, application of sanitiser, footwear disinfection and more.

Since Elpress personal hygiene systems are certified by HACCP International, growers can ensure a high level of security for the crop and packing operation, and can also provide necessary documentation for routine audits.

For more about Elpress hygiene systems from CMW go here.

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