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Automated Cultivation Systems & Vertical Farming

High and increasing labour costs have led to the widespread automation of many of the jobs previously dependent on manual labour. Automation can reduce labour costs by 75%. CMW parent company Bosman Van Zaal, has more than 50 years of experience in the design and installation of labour-saving internal transport and handling systems, always custom made to match the needs of the grower and the crop. CMW design and install both fully automated or semi-automated transport systems that allow for maximum flexibility and maximum space utilisation in almost any greenhouse, old or new. Multi-layer systems are growing in popularity and improving space utilisation even further. In automation and robotisation of harvesting and processing activities, we make use of the expertise of the Bosman Van Zaal group.

To stay ahead of commercial pressures and remain profitable, growers always strive to reduce production costs while maintaining production quality. That usually means investing in the right equipment for the job. CMW source the most cost effective equipment from all parts of Europe to supply the best package to their customers. We sell a very wide range of crop working equipment and crop handling equipment from simple harvesting knives and secateurs to sophisticated internal transport systems. From cucumbers to tomatoes and sweet peppers, from cut flowers to pot plants.

Some of the products we supply:

  • Table & Container Systems
  • Automatic Transport Lines
  • Automatic Transport Vehicles
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Control & Registration
  • X/Y Cranes
  • Container Cleaners
  • Container Lifts
  • Multilayer Growing
  • Sorting Robots
  • Pick-Up Robots
  • Packing & Filling Robots
  • Grow & Roll Modules
  • Crop Gutters
  • Growth Rooms
  • Trolleys & Lifts
Pre-formed steel gutters, which raise the crop to a more ergonomic height for crop working, improve air circulation around the plant, and enable the collection and recirculation of irrigation water, are now essential for many hydroponic crops in glasshouses and polytunnels. CMW partner Metazet/Formflex is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of crop gutters.

CMW has considerable experience in the design and supply of complete gutter systems for both NFT and substrate growing techniques. The steel gutters are made to measure and fabricated on-site to whichever profile is best for your situation, as shown in the video below.

Sometimes it makes perfect sense to eliminate changing climatic conditions completely by creating the perfect combination of heat, light, humidity, CO2, water, and fertiliser within a building or enclosure.

This has always been true in research situations, but more and more the concept of a totally controlled environment is taking hold in the commercial world, by enabling production in regions where the local climate is too challenging, urban farming in towns or cities where open space is unavailable, or simply by giving the grower a more reliable tool for consistent quality and increased output.

CMW is already a leader in the field. We have developed packaged growth chambers that provide the optimum combination of cooling, heating, humidity control, irrigation, lighting, and CO2 for perfect crop production. Furthermore, everything can be built into a portable unit ( such as a 20′ or 40′ container) which can be placed virtually anywhere providing power and water are available.

Multi-layer growth chambers make high output at propagation achievable from a relatively small chamber footprint, and automation of the transport of growing crops means that manual labour is reduced or sometimes eliminated.

Mobile benches have become indispensable for large-scale pot plant and bulb growing. CMW supplier Bosman Van Zaal, has more than 50 years of experience in providing the highest quality mobile bench systems on the market and have been supplied and installed for leading nurseries in the UK, Ireland, and around the world.

Proved successful for many crops

  • Pot & bedding plants
  • Herbs grown in pots
  • Bulbs
  • Young plants & plug production
  • Baby leaf and cress
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Mushrooms

Mobile benches can be supplied with several bottom types

  • Galvanised mesh
  • Expanded metal
  • Ebb and flood
  • Styrofoam
  • No bottom (suitable for tulip crates)
  • Gutters


  • Efficient handling of different groups of plants with different growing conditions, by working with individual benches that can be moved and tracked throughout the growing cycle is possible.
  • Optimal space usage is realised, to help the grower reach and surpass his targeted output. It gives the grower the possibility for multilevel growing solutions for an unparalleled space utilisation.
  • It makes was for a better working climate, and a much-improved airflow within the greenhouse, especially underneath the benches, compared to crops grown at ground level.
  • More efficient plant irrigation with reduced labour costs is possible.
  • There is better control over the quality of the crop due to better sanitation: getting the plants off the floor decreases the probability of crop contamination.
  • Mobile benches allow for better organised work areas (potting, spacing, harvesting, packing, etc.) and always lead to more efficient working conditions.
  • Because of much more efficient irrigation, the overall humidity in the greenhouse can be lower, and this reduces the risks of mildew, fungi and root diseases that can affect the plants.
  • And lastly, it results in reduced energy costs due to the better airflow under the benches which allows the plants to be heated up more easily than when they are grown on the ground
    Streamlines all phases of production.
Crop trolleys are essential for crop work in tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. CMW offer a wide choice from several industry leading manufacturers. Trolleys with scissor lifts running on the piperails in the greenhouse are essential for crop work on long season vine crops.

Thanks to the use of new techniques, the MASTERLIFT from Buitendijk-Slaman is the most maintenance friendly pipe-rail trolley on the market. The maintenance free bearings, and the efficient drive motor without carbon brushes result in a significant reduction in maintenance costs. The MASTERLIFT equipped as standard with toolbox, double entrance, turbo-function, wide synthetic flange wheels, endless potentiometer, acoustic status indicator, and much more.

Picking trolleys enable efficient and ergonomic harvesting, and maintenance trolleys ensure that running repairs to essential equipment above the crop can be easily reached.

Maintaining loyal relationships

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