Horticultural Equipment and Turnkey Horticultural Projects

Drive and Control

Electrical Systems

Electricity is the basis of the drive and control of all our systems. That is why electrical systems play a central role within the activities of CMW Horticulture. We design electrical systems for powering our installations and install climate computers.

We also install supplemental lighting systems (LED and conventional) and use combined heat and power (CHP). Sustainable and efficient energy management is our top priority. All elements of our projects are linked together by high-quality electrical installations to form an integrated whole. These installations form the basis for the control of all our systems. They are all energy-saving and sustainably integrated. In addition, all our systems are linked to specially developed software, so that the use and needs of a crop are immediately apparent.

Some of the products we supply:

  • Switchboards & Panel Building
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Cogeneration System
  • Integrated Ventilation Systems
  • Grow Light (LED & Conventional)
Adequate light is essential for high yield and optimum quality in both edible and ornamental crops. Light levels in the UK are often below the optimum, especially for year-round production. A suitable lighting installation makes year-round production possible and has a beneficial effect on crop timing and yield whenever natural light is insufficient.

The use of LED lights is gaining rapid acceptance in the greenhouse sector. The benefits of LED are already well known: light from LED’s is up to fifty percent more efficient than SON-T lamps. Energy-saving can be as much as 80%. The robust construction and long working life of LED compared to SON-T is another advantage that should not be underestimated, leading to considerable savings in maintenance and replacement costs.

LEDs in horticulture

In recent years, great advances in the use of LEDs in horticulture have been made, often in combination with SON-T. CMW guarantees the best advice, efficient lighting system design, and performance.

When the greenhouse temperature and humidity is correct, the next most important factor in achieving high quality production and maximum output is that the climate is consistent throughout the glasshouse both vertically and horizontally.

There is no single way to achieve a perfectly even climate, but several technologies make a significant contribution. Circulation fans are usually a first step, blowing either horizontally or vertically – both types are available from CMW. Other technologies such as apex seals and side screens can further deter the development of cold spots in the greenhouse. For crops with benches or hanging gutters, fan tube systems mounted beneath the bench or gutters have become the norm.

New way of growing

Air handling units, which reduce the need for energy wasteful top ventilation by bringing in lower humidity fresh air from outside, are another increasingly popular solution and are a key component in the so called ‘new way of growing’ which will guide the Dutch industry to its very ambitious energy saving target for 2020.

Maintaining loyal relationships

CMW’s leading position has been built on a commitment to maintaining loyal relationships.