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combatting disease spread

Hygiene & Pest Control

CMW are able to supply both industrial washing systems and personal hygiene systems. CMW can play a vital role in combatting disease spread and thereby safeguarding your business.

Despite the widespread adoption of biological control, agrochemical pest and disease control remain an indispensable tool for many growers. We offer solutions ranging from debris removal machinery to handwashing units, and from crate sterilisers to shredders.

Some of the products we supply:

  • Personal Hygiene Equipment
  • Shredders/Choppers And Debris Removal
  • Industrial Washing Systems
  • Pet & Disease Control
Disease pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi are easily spread through contact with people, containers and tools. That’s why an essential part of the horticultural harvesting, grading and packing process is to ensure that the highest levels of disinfection are achieved by sterilising anything which might carry a disease risk.

CMW are able to supply both industrial washing systems personal hygiene systems. These are designed and manufactured by hygiene specialists Elpress to ensure that all disease threats are managed effectively.

Elpress hygiene products are also available for the disinfection and sterilisation of other tools and equipment. The video below demonstrates one of many Elpress crate washing systems. Their industrial washing systems are available to suit a wide range of crate throughputs.

he importance of good personal hygiene has never been more clear, especially in a production environment where there is a high risk of contamination. Disease organisms, particularly viruses, are easily spread during normal crop and packhouse work. And they can be utterly devastating for the profitability and reputation of any horticulture business.

CMW are able to offer a number of effective solutions by hygiene specialists Elpress which reduce and even eliminate viral, bacterial or fungal risks. These range from simple handwashing units to fully integrated smart systems which automatically prevent the entry of the workforce into crop or packing areas until all the hygiene protocols have been fulfilled. The video below illustrates the general principles that may be used in the design of an automatic entry system to a packhouse or greenhouse.

Elpress products and systems from CMW can play a vital role in combatting disease spread and thereby safeguarding your business. All Elpress personal hygiene systems are HACCP (International) certified (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point).

Despite the widespread adoption of biological control, agrochemical pest and disease control remains an indispensable tool for many growers. We offer knapsack sprayers, spray robots, and trolley sprayers. Knapsacks are available with 15 or 20 litre capacity and either piston or diaphragm operation. Hand-held sprayers are also available.

Crop spraying is one of the most critical, expensive and time consuming processes for any horticultural business. Our spray robot not only ensures accurate, uniform application of pesticides in glasshouses, but considerably speeds up the process. It is designed to run on glasshouse pipe rails and is configurable to suit a wide range of glasshouse crops.

Our high-pressure sprayers come in all guises, piston or diaphragm; powered by electric, petrol, diesel or PTO driven – there’s one to suit every need. CMW can supply an optional pump to provide two machines in one – a high-pressure spray pump (up to 50 bar) for crop protection and a pressure washer (up to 200 bar). At the “business end” of the system we can provide everything from a simple spray lance to a gantry sprayer to ease the workload and improve the efficacy of the chemical being applied.

Diaphragm Knapsacks

  • Robust, ergonomic and lightweight design / Parts protected from damage by tank skirt;
  • Pressure limiter to adjust pressure for various spraying tasks;
  • Wide opening for easy filling and emptying operations;
  • Left/right hand operation;
  • High resistance GRP lance adaptable for all types of nozzles;
  • Double filtration system to clean impurities before nozzle outlet;
  • Few moving parts and none are exposed to friction, thus ensuring resistance to dirt in the spray liquid.

Piston Knapsacks

  • Transparent, lightweight tank contoured to your back;
  • Piston pump: wide pressure range / very easy to clean and service;
  • Wide (14 cm), angled, off-side opening for quick filling and complete emptying;
  • Left/right hand operation;
  • Lance holder for tidy storage;
  • Exceptionally strong lance and trigger made from composite material for extended life;
  • Double filter system: high capacity strainer in the lid and fine mesh filter within the trigger assembly prevent blockages;
  • Easily adjustable shoulder harness with snap buckled belt to ensure balanced support / Carry grip for easy handling.

Spray Robot

  • Different travel speeds (e.g. a higher speed when not spraying)
  • Spraying part rows only
  • Any of the spray nozzles can be turned on and off (e.g. to cope with increasing crop height as the crop develops or to spray only the stems of a layered crop)
  • Spraying can be activated when the robot is travelling from the centre path to the end of the row, in both directions or only on the return to the centre path
  • The forward-facing nozzles can be activated automatically when the robot is set to pause before the end of the row to ensure spray coverage of plants at the end of the row as well as those on each side
  • Can be supplied to operate automatically only within the crop row, or to traverse automatically along the centre path from row to row. When traversing the centre path the robot can be set to skip rows when required
  • Safety features to pause travel and spraying because of obstruction are standard on all CMW spray robots
  • Memory holds settings for 9 different spray regimes
  • 25-90 metres/minute spraying speed
  • 0-90˚ adjustable nozzle delivery angles
  • Mast adjustable for height
  • Overrun protection
  • Multi masted configuration to suit the crop
  • Heavy-duty semi-traction batteries
Crop clearance is an arduous end of crop process – both time consuming and expensive. Nowadays increasing regulation means that disposal of the old crop is also a growing headache. CMW are able to supply specialist machines which not only speed up the crop clearance process, but also aid disposal of the cleared material, reducing its volume by as much as 85%, and leaving it ready for composting on or off site.

We have machines suitable for soft fruit and for vine crops like tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. Crop debris is either laid on a sheet in the crop row which is drawn into the machine, or in the case of crops with a long vine such as tomatoes each row is processed first through a binder without the need for a sheet.

  • Speed up crop removal and turnaround
  • Clear up to 20,000 sq metres per day
  • Leave the finished product composting-ready
  • Models for soft fruit and for vine crops (tomatoes, peppers and cucumber)
  • Removal of de-leafing debris
  • Ancillary equipment such as bins and crop binders available
  • CE approved and guarded for operator safety

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