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Peer insight: Labour savings through 5 automated implementations

Labour savings

There are many handling activities in pot plant growing. Potting and spacing, filling trays, picking up and placing pots or trays, (de)stacking trays, cart loading, six-pack handle placing, sleeving and labelling, and so on. Many growers (still) perform these tasks manually. But this is heavy and monotonous work, and especially labour-intensive.

Is this recognisable?

Automating these tasks can save a lot of labour and means a more pleasant working environment for your personnel. At Bosman Van Zaal, we develop robotics for every situation, tailor-made to specific customer needs and plant requirements. Five fellow growers show that with simple and affordable implementations of automation, labour savings can be achieved for almost all potted plant growers.

Five fellow growers have already gone before you in labour savings

  1. At Artisan Orchids, a potting and spacing machine saves 1 to 2 FTE and has a return on investment of less than 2 years.
  2. Bunnik Bromelia uses a tray destacking machine, which has a return on investment within 4 months and saves 1 FTE.
  3. The six-pack handle placing machine at Van der Salm saves 1.5 to 2 FTEs and has a return on investment of 2 to 3 years. It processes 2,700 six-packs per hour!
  4. At Van der Salm, the cart loading machine provides quiet, virtually trouble-free processing of an otherwise very heavy and monotonous task.
  5. G’s Grupo uses one sleeve label machine to process different sleeves and different labels, at always exactly the same location. The fastest setting processes almost 70 sleeves per minute!

We create movement

At CMW Horticulture – a Bosman Van Zaal company, we have been realising robotics for the horticultural sector, powered by Crea-Tech, since 1998. Our machinery is engineered, built, programmed, and tested in-house at our headquarters in the Netherlands. The solutions are always tailor-made. We make sure that we set your business in motion, literally and figuratively, with logistics that work for you!

Watch videos of each solution and download the brochure here. You will be forwarded to the Bosman Van Zaal website.

Or get in touch with us directly! Mail enquiries@cmwhorticulture.co.uk, or call +44 (0) 1430 422222.

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